Transfer Minecraft world to other PS4 (Ps4 to Ps4)

There is no direct option to share a Minecraft world on the PlayStation 4. So there is no “Share” button. But it is possible to copy a world to USB and then to another PS4. To do this, go to the game.

  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Management of data stored by the application”.
  • Select “Stored data in system memory”.
  • “Select “Copy to USB storage device
  • Now select your save game and confirm the copy operation

Now the selected Minecraft world is saved on the USB stick. You can then download it to your computer, for example, to your cloud storage. The friend simply downloads this to a USB stick. Of course, you can also go to a friend with the original stick if you want to continue playing together. So you let the world from the USB stick on the PS4:

  • “Settings” >
  • “Management of data saved by the application”.
  • “Saved data to USB storage device”.
  • “Copy to System Storage.

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