What does the number 161 mean in a political context?

In the political context, the number 161 stands for “AFA” (The numbers stand for the respective letters in the alphabet) “AFA” in turn is a short form for Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifascist action) / Antifa. Carriers of this sign sympathize with the Antifa.

What is Antifa?

Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) was a militant anti-fascist organisation, founded in the UK in 1985 by a wide range of anti-racist and anti-fascist organisations.

It was active in fighting far-right organisations, particularly the National Front and British National Party. It was notable in significantly reducing fascist street activity in Britain in the 1990s. AFA had what they called a “twin-track” strategy: physical confrontation of fascists on the streets and ideological struggle against fascism in working class communities.

Among its more notable mobilisations were violent confrontations such as the “Battle of Waterloo” in 1992 and non-violent events such as the Unity Carnivals of the early 1990s.

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